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Efficient and Reliable Cable Reeling Drums

At [Your Company Name], we take pride in our state-of-the-art cable reeling drums that are designed to meet the demands of various industries. Our Demag Germany Motor Operated cable reeling drums are capable of handling cables up to 11000 Volts grade and 110 MM over all diameter, with a length of up to 600 meters. With their exceptional performance and durability, these cable reeling drums ensure seamless cable management for your operations.

In addition to our motor-operated reels, we offer spring-operated cable reeling drums that are perfect for vertical and horizontal movements in extreme environmental conditions. These reels are built to withstand challenging conditions, allowing you to optimize productivity without compromising on safety.

Enhanced Control and Safety

Our counter weight-operated cable reeling drums are specifically designed for ELL Cranes, Goliath Cranes, and more. These drums provide a reliable and efficient solution for managing cables in heavy-duty applications. With our slipring assembly, which comes with a rating of up to 11000 Volts and 1200 Amps, you can ensure seamless power transmission without any disruptions.

Ensuring the safety of your equipment and personnel is paramount. That’s why we offer a hydraulically released spring-actuated automatic rail clamp that provides up to 30,000 Kg clamping force along the rail. This innovative solution guarantees optimal stability and prevents accidents during crane operations.

Complete Control Solutions - From Control Panels to Master Controllers

Our expertise extends beyond cable management systems. We also provide control panels for ladle cranes, steel plant cranes, and coke oven machines. These control panels are designed to streamline operations, enhance safety, and improve overall efficiency.

In addition, we offer motor control centers, LDB, PDB, and junction boxes that are built to handle high voltage (up to 11000 Volts). Our resistance boxes for slipring motors and dynamic braking resistance boxes (SS Punch Grid & SS Wire Grid) ensure smooth and reliable motor performance.

When it comes to braking systems, our electro-hydraulic thruster brake with a diameter of up to 600 MM delivers exceptional stopping power and control. This advanced braking solution ensures the safe and efficient operation of your machinery.

Lastly, our master controller and armchair control desk (available in swiveling type up to 270° and fixed type) offer intuitive and user-friendly control options, allowing operators to manage their equipment with ease.

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